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C… As in Complicated

Whoever said, “leaders aren’t born, they’re made” was obviously thinking of NHL captains. But what exactly goes into the manufacturing process?

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It’s a Long Road from Great to Grateful

When Alexander Daigle was picked No. 1 in 1993, he couldn’t have known how lousy his NHL career would be. Fifteen years later, with another draft approaching, he’s a one-man advertisement for second acts.

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Yadier Molina Knows Squat

He may not be “El Hombre,” but the Cardinals’ All-Star catcher is definitely the man behind the plate.

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To Know Her is to Love Her

So says Lorena Ochoa’s website. Funny thing is, it just might be true.

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The Puck Stops Here

You want stress? Step into any NHL goal crease. You want the most stressful job in sports? For that you’ll have to live behind the mask of Montreal Goaltender Carey Price.

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Plan D

Scouting is more art than science, but Detroit’s formula for finding so much Cup-worthy talent starts with a simple rule: Skill and sense trump size and speed.

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Muy Rapido

October is a mad dash for the finish line. With Jose Reyes atop the order, the Mets have a head start.

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Family Values

Linda and Henry Staal raise two choice Canadian products: Sod and skaters. Meet the new first family of hockey.

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Swiss Missed

What does Roger Federer – maybe the greatest tennis player of all time – have to do to get a little hometown love?

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Martina Hingis was once the queen of tennis. As she mounts her comeback, will anything less than the throne be good enough?

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The Rules Are, There Are No Rules

Olympic stories are supposed to be heartwarming tales of triumph packaged into three-minute TV tearjerkers. But as Olympic wrestler Sara McMann knows, happy endings can be hard to come by.

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ACL: The Three Ugliest Letters in Female Sports

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